Our wines are born out of the profound respect for the identity of the vines we cultivate, each one of them being distinguished by specific characteristics, and maintaining a constant taste of fullness, finesse and elegance.

The products of Rio Maggio create a well-articulated and differentiated range, which is based on wines made from autochthonous and international grapes, but always with the crucial recognizable and typical characteristics of the terroir: Falerio dei Colli Ascolani D.O.C. and the Rosso Piceno D.O.C are produced from the vineyard located in the Contrada Vallone, whereas Sauvignon Marche Igt, Pinot Nero Marche Igt and Chardonnay Igt are made in the estate in Colle Monteverde.

The range of products is completed by the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the single varietal Olive Oil Tenera Ascolana, produced from the olive trees located in the Contrada Vallone.