THE Rio Maggio ESTATE is one of the main wineries in central Italy. It is located in the Marche region, near Fermo, among the most suitable areas for growing grapes.



The history of RIO MAGGIO begins with Graziano Santucci, who founded the company in 1976 and dedicated to his vineyards the love and attention of those who grow wine with genuine passion. At first it was a small company …



RIO MAGGIO wines are the result of this way of thinking: wine is born from a mix of territory, work, surrounding fragrances, commitment, and with its own soul, which must be respected, valued, protected …



The Marche is a land of hills and valleys that gently stretch between the Apennines and the sea, rich in natural beauty and full of historical, artistic and architectural gems.

The vineyards, with their rows, contribute to this uniquely fascinating landscape .

The hills represent the perfect geological configuration for the flourishing of the vine and the production of excellent grapes. Exposure to the sun and heat creates high sugar gradations and delicate aromas, indispensable for obtaining excellent wines. The wine-growing Marche includes 20 thousand hectares of vineyards, a third of which is used for the production of DOC wines. The Marche viticulture has been able to exploit the favorable climate and the environmental conditions of the territory, rendering the Marche one of the regions with the highest quality of wine production.

In this context, RIO MAGGIO has tried to combine the respect for traditions and territory with the innovation needed to grow and acquire international notoriety. Such careful work of development and research has been conducted with dedication and great passion by Simone and Tiziana Santucci.